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August 09, 2005



I think that is friggin briliant. After all, to take things to the "next level" with the addition of a pet, it's the significance or symbol the pet represents that is important, not the pet itself.


Go with the dog...Tara and I will be getting one in the fall. A pet rock can't be trained to do anything, let alone a rodent or cat. Though the idea of a pet rock seems to fit your lifestyle, consider that it is changing with the addition of Wendy...a dog would be a step in the diretion of the next level.


Funny post, and it had me on the edge of my seat. Besides, we almost got evicted as a result of Sam, thus explaining his brief tenancy. I would name him Pebble.


Murry sounds perfect, honey.


Oh also, JP, why don't you tell everyone how we REALLY became acquainted or started talking as I feel people may be misinformed by Matt's post about Myspace (as a third party observer) --- or this one --- which leads us to believe that we are lonely, desperate people using a mindless machine to find solace and lust through the internet. Regardless, of what people may think, it is not a dating service, nor, is it somewhere I go to find "Serious Relationships".


congrats on the new relationship.


Ahhh how you've grown over the years jota pe. I'm glad you have found someone with whom you feel comfortable enough for the whole joint ownership thing. Knowing you, I figure murry is a bill reference but doesn't his name have an a in it?


i almost forgot...after reading this rafael asked me to get your mailing address so that he could ship you a syringe of testosterone.

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