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So you're probably asking yourself, "who writes this crap?" Well the short answer is: J.P., a 25 year old law student living in Providence, Rhode Island.

J.P. has a girlfriend named Wendy (like in Peter Pan) and lives with a guy named Matt. J.P. has no pets, but shares several fairly healthy houseplants with his roommate.

As for his credentials for producing this page- J.P. has a B.A. in Economics and History from a mildy prestigious liberal arts college in Pennsylvania and is presently in his last year of law school.

J.P. is also an expert in relationships and far fetched political opinions. He also a regular writer for his law school's student magazine and once wrote an article about being an exchange student in high school.

J.P. was once called, "The greatest and most promising writer of this era. He is the voice of this generation," however J.P. had consumed several gin and tonics and it was sort of dark and they may have been talking about Hunter S. Thompson or something.


J.P. enjoys running,swimming, reading, music, and drinks with friends. J.P. rarely enjoys law school.