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October 17, 2004



Dear Sir or Madam:

My editor showed me that my Quarter Life Crisis piece is all over the Internet without crediting me. One of the sites it has been posted is yours. It's under "Eulogy" on your site

I wrote this piece in an email in April 2001 for my friends and pitched it to Play Magazine in Washington, DC later that year. The piece is written about many of those friends and what I was going through months after college. Unfortunately, this piece has been posted on the Internet without crediting me, which is disheartening and unethical. My attorney iscontacting those who have plagarized the piece (there has been one case at this point).

I have the original email that was sent as well as many contacts who originally received this piece (for whom it was written). I also havecontacted Play Magazine, who received the piece, to let them know of this situation.

I am a writer for For Me Magazine, Women's Day, The Phat Phree.com and have a book coming out through McGraw-Hill in February 2007.

I do not mind the piece being posted, but please credit me as it is my work and brings me great heartache to see it posted without credit and failure to do so will result in possible legal action.

All of the very best to you,

Brenda Della Casa


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